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Always, always, always get the manufacturer’s labor & material warranty.  Command Roofing Co. is a firm believer in providing the roofing manufacturer’s warranty with every roofing project.  This guarantees our customer that the roofing manufacturer has inspected the completed roof system to assure that the materials, workmanship, and installation details meet the roof system manufacturer’s ‘time tested’ specifications and methods. 

The major roofing manufacturers spend millions of dollars in research and development to determine the best methods to install the best materials and to meet building codes.  Otherwise, a roofer that provides their own warranty only needs to satisfy his own conscious that he did it right, or at least good enough to get by.  A ‘short cut’ by the roofer can create big problems for the owner later on.

The manufacturer’s warranty also provides a higher level of protection for our customers that the financial resources are available to provide warranty work when needed.  Most roofing manufacturers maintain a substantial financial reserve for warranty claims.  Roofing contractors, big and small, go out of business every day because the owner decided to retire, change professions, poor cash flow, poor management, too many or costly warranty problems, etc.  A roofer’s warranty, when this happens, doesn’t provide much protection for the building owner.


The roofing manufacturers offer a wide variety of roof warranties.

  • 15 year warranty 
    Our recommendation is to provide the manufacturer’s 15 year labor and material warranty.  The 15 year warranty provides 50% longer coverage than a 10 year warranty and depending on the roof system, might only cost a few cents more per square foot.

  • 20 year warranty
    You may want to consider a 20 year labor and material warranty, but there are usually some installation and material enhancements required by the manufacturer that increase the price of the roof system.

  • 30 year warranty
    Some of the manufacturers are offering 30 year labor and material warranties but the additional cost of the warranty and the cost of the installation and material enhancements can increase the cost of the roof system by as much as 50%.  Knowing that you have the best coverage (30 yrs) may well be worth the additional cost if you plan to own the building for many years.


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