Ballast Roofing Systems

With 40 years of excellence in the roofing industry, Command Roofing has established itself as a leading expert in roofing solutions for a wide range of structures, including expansive commercial and industrial buildings. Among the diverse roofing systems we offer, the commercial and industrial ballast roofing system shines as a dependable choice. This roofing system is frequently deployed in large-scale structures such as warehouses, factories, government buildings, schools, and commercial facilities, and it relies on the use of substantial materials, aptly named "ballast," to serve as an anchor and protective layer for the roofing membrane. Command Roofing specializes in the installation of ballast roofing systems, catering to industrial and commercial clients located in the southwest Ohio region.

Benefits of Commercial and Industrial Ballast Roofing Systems:

In summary, with Command Roofing's four decades of roofing expertise, a commercial and industrial ballast roofing system provides numerous advantages, including cost-effectiveness, wind resistance, UV protection, cool roof properties, and durability. Nevertheless, it's crucial to take into account factors like structural load capacity, accessibility, drainage design, and compliance with warranty requirements when selecting this roofing system. The meticulous design and precise installation by Command Roofing are pivotal for ensuring its exceptional performance over time.

Command Roofing is your trusted roofing partner, offering dependable and durable commercial and industrial ballast roofing solutions that go beyond your expectations. Our mission is to provide top-notch services in a safe work environment that you can rely on for all your roofing needs.

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